Welcome to CirculatorBuddy!

We use the Charm City Circulator's data feed to show the position of each bus on map in real time. Feel free to zoom and pan the map to focus on the part of the city you're interested in.

Internet Explorer Users: Sorry, we're still working out the bugs. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

Happy Riding!

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CirculatorBuddy is a web app that visualizes real-time vehicle location for Baltimore's Charm City Circulator Bus System. The site pulls data from the circulator's publicly accessible data feed.

The site was developed to help Circulator users plan their departure from home or work. The routes and stops were pulled from the Baltimore City open data site. Support Open Data!

CirculatorBuddy and Charm City Networks are not affiliated with the Charm City Circulator or the City of Baltimore

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